PTML - Embed Python in text documents

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PTML is a Python module which lets you embed Python code in text documents. Its most common application is dynamic content generation on web servers, however it can be used anywhere you need to generate text files on-the-fly.

The project is still at a very early stage, although the code should be usable enough for you to learn the syntax and experiment with possible applications. Future directions are briefly listed in the TODO file, suggestions and contributions are most welcome.

PTML is hosted by those wonderful people at SourceForge. You can create and track bugs, join the mailing lists and access the CVS repository from the project information page.

Installation and developer's documentation is still very sparse, partially because I haven't had time to comprehensively document everything and partially because documentation would become obsolete very quickly at this stage of development. Future releases should improve the situation.

Niall Smart <>