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17th September 2010 - PTML 0.4.0


  • Unicode support. If a pep0263-style coding declaration is present at the beginning of a template, all field expressions are treated as Unicode and converted to the output encoding. UTF-8 Byte Order Mark is an implicit declaration of UTF-8 output encoding. See the test suite for examples.
    Note that in the Unicode mode string constants in template fields must be unicode strings, e.g. ${u"モンティパイソン"}.
  • Most parsing exceptions report source line numbers.

30th October 2006 - PTML 0.3.0


  • close indented blocks with comment lines starting with "#end"
  • test suite improvement: remove .err file if test passes
  • code reformat: use 4 spaces per indentation level

3th December 2005 - Web site updated

New web pages include a small introduction to PTML features.

27th April 2005 - PTML 0.2


  • HTTP server
  • automated testsuite
  • benchmark module
  • more fine grained exception handling
  • distutils setup
  • quotes in template text were treated as start of string literals
  • fix processing of single dollar signs, percent signs and braces
  • leading blank lines in Python blocks were setting the first indent level
  • remove extra newlines in Python blocks
  • fix directory creation in AutoParser
  • fix indent handling with function and class definitions in templates

19th May 2000 - PTML 0.1

The first release of PTML has been made publically available. The PTML web site is currently under construction, in the interim the README from the 0.1 release is reproduced below. Please make use of the mailing lists and bug tracking facilities at the project page, You can also browse the CVS tree.